• PHD H&M is an IPAF approved training centre for MCWP

    PHD Hoists & Masts Ltd, part of the PHD Group has been awarded IPAF authorised training centre status as of 3rd July 2018. PHD Hoists & Masts is authorised to conduct and organise training for Mast Climbing Work Platforms. Which includes Installer, Operator and Demonstrator Training. Anyone interested in more information please contact: PHD Hoists & Masts, tel 01895 822292 or Mobile 07880735722
  • Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, Phase 8

    Project : Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, Phase 8Client : Berkeley Homes - East ThamesEquipment : Alimak 650FC Twin Passenger-goods Hoist PHD Hoists & Masts recently installed the first of two Alimak 650fc Twin Passenger-Goods hoists at Berkeley Homes (East Thames) project in Royal Arsenal Woolwich phase 8. PHD procured brand new hoists from premier hoist supplier Alimak Hek UK and be-spoked the machines to suit the client’s requirement.
  • ISOPAD Project, Borehamwood

    Project : ISOPAD Project, BorehamwoodClient : Jaysam Ltd.Equipment : Alimak 650FC Passenger-goods Hoist PHD Hoists & Masts recently installed the first Alimak 650fc Passenger-Goods hoists at ISOPAD project in Borehamwood for client Jaysam Ltd. PHD procured the hoist brand new from premier hoist supplier Alimak Hek UK to suit the client’s specification.
  • Be-Spoke Inclined Mast Climbing Work Platform 30deg

    Equipment : Mast Climbing Work Platform Innovation : Bespoke 30deg incline Project : Crossrail PHD Hoists and Masts have long recognised the benefits that mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) have to offer for projects and have a designated department that specialise in this area of access expertise. Mast Climbers offer a number of benefits and are commonly used by PHD Hoists and Masts to provide solutions for external and internal facade projects. MCWP cut down on worker fatigue, enable...
  • Lighthouse Club Charity Lunch

    Location : Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, London PHD Hoists & Masts Ltd was represented by the Managing Director Peter Hoar, Director Naz Mayadeen, Contracts Manager Darran Davey and Senior Design Lead PHD Group Raul Bandera at the Lighthouse Club Charity Lunch on 1st Dec 2017. As well as being guests of ALIMAK HEK UK, the PHD personnel had the opportunity to meet clients, colleagues and suppliers from the industry, whilst raising around funds to support affected personnel in the industry. A great...
  • Facebook Dublin

    PHD Hoist & Masts extended their operations into Ireland by erecting 2 nr. Environmentally friendly and low energy ALIMAK Scando 450 20-32 Passenger – Goods Hoist & Layher System Staircase erected on the Facebook RISL Ireland site in Dublin. Machines were ordered and custom manufactured for this prestigious project and high profile Client.
  • Quarterly Performance Award – Ioan Tilinca

    Ioan Tilinca was awarded with a Special Improvement Award – Q3 2016. This is an example of Hoist and Masts dedication to the development and improvement of their Team Members. With Hoists and Masts 'the sky is the limit'!