• Cradles

    PHD have used cradles on many of their projects in particular 20 cradles at any one time to a total of 40 positions for the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Cradles can be used to give access under bridges from top mounted mobile jibs fixed to rails to traverse up and down the bridge. Cradles can be used to Access a Chimney Stack for concrete repairs. The cradle deck system can be contoured to give full access to all areas of a chimney (pictured below).  
  • Common Access Systems

    A construction team working on a high rise tower will need to ensure that they have the most efficient access system available for getting personnel and materials to the work face whilst keeping the minimum opening, for access into the building. At PHD HM we use the Construction Access Systems (CAS) modular Common Tower system. The Common Tower concentrates the hoisting in one area and allows cladding to be installed around the open faces of the building, whilst minimising the opening into the...
  • Monorail and Winches

    PHD Hoists and Masts provide mono rail and winch systems not only to lift equipment but also to transport equipment through the building into position for installation or further distribution. PHD have successfully used systems at the Mercury Project in Slough and the Buckingham project in Bromley by Bow. Two systems are also being used at the Pioneer Point project in Ilford to assist in the installation of the MCWP and to transfer the equipment around the building and from podium to podium.  
  • Mast Climbers

    PHD Hoists and Masts have long recognised the benefits that mast climbers can bring to projects and have a designated department that specialise in this area of access expertise. Mast Climbers offer a number of benefits and are commonly used by PHD Hoists and Masts to provide solutions for heavy weight masonry and external facade projects. Masts cut down on worker fatigue, enable operatives to work from optimum height and can increase project time by up to 35% if used in the right environment.  
  • Hoists

    Hoists are temporary construction elevators that are powered vertically by electricity driving a cage on a rack and pinion system to quickly carry goods or passengers to a given floor level. The spine of the Hoist is formed in stacked modular mast sections allowing the system to easily adapt to differing height requirements. Hoists come in various configurations and sizes which are defined by site space and also the loadings they will subjected to. There are two main types of Hoist associated...
  • Rope Access

    Our Abseiling Department provide specialist rope access services which are widely utilised in building maintenance and industrial sectors. Rope based services provide a fast and effective method to gain access to high level, hard to access locations with the benefit of being quickly mobilised with minimum disruption. Ropes barely infringe on public access compared to scaffold and mechanical methods which usually require a large area to base out on. If the building is a finished product...